High-Needs Students in Largest School Districts

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Another Datawrapper column chart, this time showing the difference between actual and projected counts of high-needs students in relation to the local control funding formula.

Datawrapper is becoming my goto for simple charts on the fly. And why not? Aside from loading issues at times, Datawrapper is a great template for most chart types. I generally like the style, and I really like the ability to easily resize the graphics.

Lost Coast Outpost Uses Pretty Money App!!

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You may have already seen the data-driven app I built to visualize the money behind the Oakland races this year that I’m calling “Pretty Money.” However, my ultimate goal with the app is to open source it so other reporters in California who don’t have big data teams to build these kinds of visualizations an opportunity to take something that exists and plug their data into it.

It didn’t take long to find my first opportunity.
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How Vaccinated are California Kindergarteners?

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