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CopWatch Captures Undercover Police on Video in Occupy Oakland

Footage captured by Oakland’s CopWatch, a group that records police activity, shows at least two police officers poised as protestors in the Occupy Oakland.

The use of police officers to sow dissent and escalate protestors to property destruction or violence is not a new tactic for law enforcement agencies trying to delegitimize a movement.

In New York, an undercover police officer turned out to be the loudest and most hostile voice after occupiers protested a CitiBank.

In fact, private citizens have also been doing their own share of infiltrating. On such person, a New York-based conservative computer security expert, Thomas Ryan, inflitrated Occupy Wall Street’s email listserve and then proceeded to forward all their communications to the FBI, NYPD, conservative smear artist Andrew Breitbart, and corporations targeted by protestors.

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