Welcome to the digital vault of Bayreporta, aka John C. Osborn.

John is a data journalist and web developer who is passionate about open government, transparency and campaign finance. He is the digital communications manager at EdSource, a non-profit education news website reporting on all things education throughout California. When not working at his day job, John volunteers his time with OpenOakland, a Code for America brigade focused on leveraging technological solutions to civic problems. He is the project coordinator for Open Disclosure CA, an initative that will lead to the California's first centralized repository of local campaign finance data. John is also a big advocate of finding ways to use gaming to tell stories in journalism.

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After nearly of year of work, EdSource finally published a massive project looking into the lack of oversight and training in the use of restraint and seclusion in California special education classrooms. This was a big project. The data was sparse in this area, and a new law made the tracking of these incidents more […]

Published: April 23 2015


The Gimme Props! ballot measure guide built by myself and six other journalism students for the 2012 election was honored as a finalist for the 2013 Online News Association Awards in the Student Project, Large category. This was a great honor highlighting the hard work that went into building what was for most of us […]

Published: April 22 2015


The Education Writers Association awarded EdSource its first place prize in the Data Journalism, Small Newsroom category for our project on vaccination opt-out rates. Jane Meredith Adams and myself won the award for our package exploring the increasing amount of vaccine opt-outs in California kindergartens. Jane reported out the story, while I built a data […]

Published: April 22 2015

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After months of procrastination, I’ve finally found the time to redesign my website. I’m super excited with the changes. As I’ve been developing my WordPress chops and expand more into the web design market, I figured it was long overdue to build a customized theme for the website. Although a work in progress, I feel […]

Published: April 22 2015